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MediHeally's Leg Fitting Patch, 36mm magic fitting patch for the tired legs and the calf muscle ache relief. 

Professional care from experts : Through consultation with muscle specialists, everyone can easily experience the physical effects of sports tapng at home. This effect efficiently loosens your knotted muscles as if you are getting a massage.

3x contraction recuperative powers - 36mm magic fitting hole : Hole from the magic fitting hole and the elastic softshell fabric maximizes the core power of centripetal force. This centripetal force enables smoother blood circulation by lifting the knotted muscles. This blood circulation helps loosen the knotted muscles.

Cooling synergy with sea herb and icing mud : Bountiful mineral, germanium,, bentonite compound from Sea herb complex and icing mud makes osmotic pressure that comes from the contraction synergy help detox tiredness. The menthol ingredient cools the accumulated heat in your legs. 

Dual care with calves and soles patch :

The calves patch fosters blood circulation on your calves, which is also called the second heart.

The soles patch cares your soles, where the wastes are accumulated.

The calves patch and soles patch cares the lower body circulation zone.

Ingredients : glacial marine mud, sea herbs (pelvetia, ascophyllum, bladderwrack), peppermint

Manufacturing of country : South Korea