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Nutraceutical Essence Toner [Pre-order only]

S$ 59.00


Place an order between the 3rd & 4th week of the month for a fresh batch of products. They will be made in the first week of the following month and will be sent out in the 2nd week.

Main ingredients: Five flower extracts, 98% natural origin formula
Moisturizing, whitening and improving winkles.
For all skin types including sensitive skin

How to use:
Apply with a cotton pad to the cleansed face and neck.
Apply through on décolleté as if wiping out.
 It would complete the cleansing and enhance the skin's protective coating.

Origin: South Korea

Size: 100ml

Aloe Vera Leaf Juice: toning the skin, moisturizing, calming and hydrating
Purified Water
Glycerin: moisturizing
Niacinamide : whitening
Butylene Glycol: moisturizing, regeneration of the skin, anti-oxidant
Methyl Gluceth-20: moisturizing
Polysorbate 20: aroma, emulsifier for sulfate, subsolubilizing sulfate
Sodium Hyaluronate: regeneration of the skin
Hydrolyzed Collagen: collagen, moisturizing
Magnolia Tree/ Flower / Leaf Extracts: maintenance
Lotus Extracts: regeneration of the skin, maintenance
Lonicer Aflower Extracts: regeneration of the skin
Chrysanthemum Extracts: regeneration of the skin
Safflower Extracts: regeneration of the skin
Panthenol: regeneration of the skin
Allantoin: protectin the skin
Capryl Hydroxamic Acid : stabilizing ingredient
Caprylyl Glycol: smoothing skin
Ascorbic Acid: anti-oxidant, pH control,
Adenosine: smoothing wrinkles (anti-wrinkle)
Organic Lavender Oil: aroma
Tea Tree Leaf Oil: aroma

Please check both on the preparation date and use-by date.
Store in a cool, dry place and avoid direct sunlight.
There might be opacity of the natural ingredients. It is safe to use the products if it is used within the expiry date.