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Easy Self DIY Body Ceramic Therapy

S$ 59.00

Skin breath keeps it's best level when sweat ducts and pores are open.
Ceramic plate aesthetic can maintain healthy skin as it opens sweat ducts and pores on our skin and makes it easy to eliminate waste products from the skin and penetrate cosmetic ingredients in into the skin. It helps blood circulation by giving firmness to muscle and  balancing the skeleton, therefore body fat and weight will be reduced and it makes the body slim and healthy.

Processes and curves of the plate help lipolysis and make balanced muscle.

Body treatment: 

Relief  tension and ache

Increasing circulation

Firming and toning body 

Healthier skin

Losing weight 

Reducing cellulite

-Origin : South Korea

-Handmade product

-Made of 100% soils

-DIY home therapy 

-Paper packaging

Apply the body  lotion or oil and massage according to the instruction.
You can massage on the area with a thin clothing.