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Eco Friendly Deodorizer “Smell off” Spray (EM Solution)

S$ 29.00

Made of Effective Microorganisms (EM).
Valid for one month from the production date.
Store in the coolest environment available away from light.
Effective only after 3 to 10 minutes after spraying and stays on for 8 to 10 hours depending on the environment.

**EM: Various blends of common predominantly anaerobic microorganisms in a carbohydrate-rich liquid carrier substrate (molasses nutrient solution)."

“The more ways in which we find to use EM the less we have to rely on chemicals. Our goal is to have a toxic-free home and EM has made this goal much more attainable.”

Hot to use:
Spray in the air, floor, ceiling, wall, shoes, furniture, or fabrics.
Kill the odor for the pet toilet pad, pet color, pet leash, pet house, per bedding etc.
Kill the odor, germ and bacteria in the kitchen, toilet, bath room, car  and any space  where has odor of cigarette, fungus and polluted air.
Spray to the plant  as fertilizer
Clean dog’s tear stain, please do  not spay direct to the pet, wet the cotton pad and wipe off the dog's tear stain

Do not eat
Do not use except the above instruction"How to use"
Place away from the children.
Wash with the water immediately in case of contact with eyes.
Please see a doctor immediately In case skin is irritated.